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SueGao Craft Industrial Co., Limited is located in the manufacturing city of Dongguan.We always offers customers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service after each business transaction.Our factory successfully manufactured millions of badges,  lapel pins, medals, coins,keychains, bottle openers,dog tag,lanyards, Silicon Wristband ,PVC items etc for  festival, celeberation, memorial, parade, international sports games, school, official Dept. etc.

Under the philosophy of "Quality First, Customer First, Service First",our products are exported to different countries and regions, such as Europe, North America, and Ea-st Asia. We won many customers from the world for its high quality and good reputation. We have customers from  Sumsung, Benz, Wal-mart, Disney, Coca Cola, Lions,Porsche, Fedex, etc. Suegao Craft welcomes all the custom-ers worldwide and we are happy to offer you with our high quality products and reliable service!  


Our values and beliefs (Values & Belief) 
On the organization (Form) 
Through the establishment of a mission to guide the company to drive values of honesty, openness, self-motivation of the study team, for the stakeholders to create the most value. 
★ we are actively shaping the first-class international business and a willingness to make unremitting efforts. 
★ We must division of labor and cooperation, to implement the authorization and supervision of the Organization of every corner. 
★ we adhere to streamline the management and the communication channels open organization team. 
★ our activities in all organizations and business operations uphold the integrity and benefit-sharing. 
★ we insist with the fear into the management of change, the process of achieving efficient operation. 
★ adhere to the people-oriented, follow the objective laws and seeking truth from facts. 
★ firmly believe that integrity and trust each other stakeholders to promote long-term cooperation. 
★ firmly believe that "people are, for Xueqin, for the spirit" to consolidate our development. 
★ insist that all the stakeholders in the regular, open communication. 
★ insist on what we have done all the work for continuous improvement. 
On the staff (Employee) 
By encouraging a spirit of dedication, high efficiency, and have the expertise of the staff for the company to create wealth, we will be able to stakeholders to create the most value. 
★ we in a position of the employees to the best understanding of the status of work. 
★ all our staff of the companies have a high degree of loyalty and identity. 
★ all our staff are in healthy competition at the same time dedicated to forge ahead. 
★ We all employees in the company's development and continuous learning and progress. 
★ brand and our business decisions of the value of the brand and the value of staff. 
★ firmly believe that every employee and personnel are dedicated to the most value for the company. 
★ firmly believe that employees in the work of the open exchange of unity for the interests of companies and individuals. 
★ firmly believe that the personal and professional staff development to expand the company's value creation. 
★ adhere to the work of employees to share the results. 
★ firmly believe that the participation of the staff can bring about innovation and job satisfaction, and to bring commercial value. 
On the client (Client) 
We passed the integrity of cooperation with customers bring excellent value to our stakeholders to create the most value. 
★ our customers and there Chunwangchihan relationship. 
★ our credibility is also to meet customer demand. 
★ We recognize that we can not for all customers to solve all problems. 
★ Once we have the customer commitment, we must meet or exceed customer requirements. 
★ firmly believe that the details of the decision and innovation to our customers satisfaction. 
★ firmly believe that the customer base and their understanding of the needs of everyone is very important. 
★ firmly believe that with clients to establish a close working relationship that we provide the best way to optimize value. 
★ firmly believe that through the industry leader to create the most value for customers. 
On the supplier (Supplier) 
With suppliers through the establishment of partnerships to achieve the client's request, we will be able to stakeholders to create the most value. 
★ our cooperation with suppliers is equal integrity, benefit-sharing. 
★ our suppliers to actively carry out technical cooperation and support. 
★ We strictly control the quality of products provider is also their active support. 
★ firmly believe that the supplier is an extension of our business. 
★ firmly believe that with suppliers to achieve maximum mutual cooperation and benefit-sharing. 
★ firmly believe that with suppliers to establish long-term relations of cooperation can offer our customers the most value.


Enterprise faith: Faithfulness,Mutual Benefit


Enterprise purpose:Provide high quality products and excellent srevice.


Enterprise target: Revitalization of Enterprise,Enhance efficiency,Improve staff quality of life